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Apr 24

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Dear friends and followers!

As you may, or may not know, nightaudit was not just a great name, it was my job. I had lots of time to tumblr it up at work 5 nights a week. But last night was my last night as a graveyard shift employee! Thusly, my tumblr input will probably slow down a little bit. I’ll still be around, just not in full force. You guys have been crucial to keeping me sane while I spent over 3 years working nights. I’ve met some bad ass people here! so thank you to everyone for following me, being my buddies and rebloggin my junk. Love you all!

“AIM was also pretty much the start of social media. There was a lot of exhibitionism. Away messages were the peak example of this. Sometimes the away message you left up for nine hours was more important than any conversation you had that day. It was the original flex. It was the original tweet. You wanted to let people know that you had an awesome life. Away messages were basically a way to say, “Your lame ass is on the computer but I’m out here getting it.” You left away messages like that when you could. You also found out about fun stuff other people were doing via away messages and felt left out.”

Remember When AIM Was The Greatest Thing Ever? by Ernest Baker (via deadthehype)

or in my case, we showcased just how nerdy we were. or how much work we had to do. but we’d violate an away message for those special people

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my profile was poppin. remember putting up away messages even when you weren’t away to make it look like you were doing shit? remember going invisible so you could ignore motherfuckers.

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All of this is important

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Cesaro + uppercut


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The hardest part about having  host the show, is finding him » 

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Apr 23

Anonymous asked: and 4. 14. 24. 34. 44. 54.

4. what are you looking forward to? tomorrow is my last night on night shift, and i’m moving in with my lady!

14. when was the last time someone of the opposite sex hugged you? hugged my lady earlier tonight

24. height - 6’ 1”

34. most embarrassing moment - bombing at an open mic at a brewery then sitting there the rest of the night, alone. definately not a comedy crowd that night….

44. age you get mistaken for - i’m 27, usually people guess 23-ish

54. something thats worrying me at the moment - moving. i’m always worried i’m gonna break stuff or fall down some stairs. i think i’ll be alright though….

Anonymous asked: me again. 2. 12. 22. 32. 42. 52.

i like you dude, or dudette. you go for it.

2. what would you name your future kids? I like Shelby for a girl, no real idea for a boy….

12. what is something you want right now? some sleep. or a nice sandwich.

22. description of crush. pretty, funny, smart, tattooed, named Justine.

32. are your friends mainly girls or guys? mostly girls i guess. i don’t have too many friends

42. favourite book(s) Drawing Heat The Hard Way, The Death of WCW, Hardcore History - The Story of ECW

52. something i’m talented at - stand up comedy, and kissin gurls.

gimme some asks. thats all i’m askin for. is that too much to ask?

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