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Sep 1

Anonymous said: Dude I cant find the booty. I dont know where that girl is anymore :( Im just going through a phase of withdraw from going too long without seeing her butt. Unless you meant talk to the other girls butt, in that case Im seeing her wednesday and trust me her booty will be mine.

talk directly to her butt. 

Anonymous said: Bro I miss that one chick I was telling you about (the one with the big butt), I miss her so fucking much, her ass was soooo fucking big. On the other hand you know that other girl (the one who shut me down but might still like me), I think I have a good chance with her. I haven't had a chance to talk to her much lately but when I talk to her I get the impression she still wants me. Her butt's big too, but not as big as the other girls.

if you miss the butt, go to the butt. tell the butt how you feel. if the butt responds in kind, the butt will be yours.

Anonymous said: You're such a ghey

gehy rites naow.

Aug 31

The progression of Hermy needing attention….

Aug 30

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Aug 28


Every Raw Lol

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